Selling Tips

Even the best maintained and presented property can be improved by a few strategic adjustments. The aim is to ensure that the first impressions of your home are good enough to bring people back.

Here are a few ways to inspire the right buyer:

First Impressions
The entrance and front area needs to be well presented: spouting should be cleared; walls, windows and paths washed; and drooping or dying plants watered, pruned or removed.

A Second Opinion

To gain a fresh perspective, get a friend (or your Jock Gilbert agent) to inspect your property as a buyer would. Take note of their comments and attend to the problem areas.

More Sun and Less Clutter

Clean walls, clear bench tops and open curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. Tidy electrical cords and put all the clutter away in cupboards, or hide it in ‘invisible’ storage boxes.

Fix the Problems

Re-glue peeling wallpaper, sand over and patch peeling paint. Fill cracks, wipe down window sills and skirting boards. Sticking doors, dripping taps, squeaky hinges etc, should all be rectified.

Make Room in Each Room

Give a feeling of space by removing some items from ‘busy’ rooms. Ask family or friends to store a few things. It is important to make every room look spacious.

Clean Up the House

The house will benefit from a thorough cleaning, with children’s rooms being tidied and pets taken for an outing during all inspections. Garden rubbish should also be remove.

Kitchen and Bathroom

These must be spotless. Make sure the oven and stovetop are clean. Tidy cupboards and neat shelves add to the impression of space.

Get Ready, Get Set…

Check appliances and fuses before the first open day to prevent any incidents. Then sit back, relax and let us do the work. We’ll give you a full report on each open day’s turnout.

Welcoming the Inspection ‘Guests’

Fresh flowers, soft music, a fire in winter, and the smell of fresh coffee will make potential buyers feel ‘at home’.

Choose the Right Time to Sell

Make sure your garden is flowering during the marketing periods and not just on auction day. Mow the lawn and weed the garden. Arrange inspection times when your house is looking its best. If this can’t be achieved, flowering plants in pots should be strategically placed in the garden and around the front entrance.