Vacate/Break Lease

Ending the Tenancy

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract providing protection for both you and the Property Owner. You can only terminate this agreement in one of the following ways:

If you intend on vacating the premises at the end of your tenancy agreement, you are required to give 14 days written notice to us prior to the expiry of your agreement. Once the fixed term has expired, unless you have been given notice to the contrary, you may continue living at the property. If you intend to vacate after your tenancy agreement has expired, you must give us at least 21 days written notice in advance or one month's written notice if you pay your rent calendar monthly.

Please Note
If you intend on vacating, you cannot, by law, stop paying rent for the last month assuming any part of the bond is used as rent.
If any unforeseen circumstances arise and you have to vacate the property prior to the expiration of your tenancy agreement, please contact your Property Manager immediately.

In this situation we will endeavour to find another tenant to take over your tenancy obligations. If this occurs, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Payment of all rent until another suitable tenant moves into the property.
  • Payment of a portion of a letting fee
  • Payment of a portion of the advertising and internet fee.

If you would like to give us notice of your intention to vacate the property please complete the Vacate/Break Lease

A Vacating Notice may also be sent to us by using one of the following methods:

  • Posted to 60 Kensington Road, Rose Park SA 5067
  • Hand delivered to the above address
  • Faxed to us on (08) 8364 1700

Please complete the details below and one of our Property Managers will contact you within 48 hours.

Property Details

You must include the details of all the other people on your lease. The names of tenants on the lease in addition to you are:

Are you breaking your tenancy agreement?
Would you like us to help you find another property at Jock Gilbert Real Estate

Terms of the Notice to Vacate form

1. I confirm that I have included the details of all the people on the lease and that I have their consent to submit this Notice to Vacate on their behalf.

2. I acknowledge that if the notice of vacate date is before the fixed term has expired, that I will be responsible for the rent until the property is relet to a suitable tenant. I will also be responsible for paying re-letting costs, advertising and associated re-letting charges.

3. I acknowledge that if the notice to vacate date is after the fixed term I am required to give 21 clear days in writing notice and will be responsible for the rent until this day.

4. I acknowledge that the keys including duplicates must be returned to Jock Gilbert Real Estate office on or before 9.30 am the following day of the vacating date or I will incur additional rent at a daily rent.

5. I authorize Jock Gilbert Real Estate to show prospective tenants through the property during the final 28 days.

I hereby understand that by entering my full name, this electronic form will be deemed to have the same authority as a signed statement.

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